9 Reasons to Visit the Baltic Countries in 2022

2021 09 15

Travel to the Baltics:

  • to experience their uniqueness 
    Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia all have their own landscapes, cultures, and languages. Their capitals have UNESCO listed old towns and trendy neighborhoods with their own special vibes. Each country has delicacies, handicrafts and their top attractions.
  • to discover history
    All 3 countries have rich cultural history and have seen shifting borders, wars, and various types of political regimes make an impact on their territories. You’ll find castles, hill forts, medieval towns, cozy wooden villages, historic cemeteries, manor houses, monuments to events and historic figures, pagan landmarks, and other remnants of the past where ever you go.  
  • to get away from the masses
    The Baltic states are definitely not a mass-market tourism destination. Today, going to the crowded spots that attract millions of tourists would not be a smart choice. It is better to look for less popular yet still attractive destinations such as the Baltic states, which are among the greenest places in the world, with forest covering roughly 40% of the land area.
  • for fantastic and clean northern beaches
    The beaches of the Baltic Sea have soft, white sand and are not overcrowded. Whether you’re strolling along the soft-sand beaches of Palanga and Nida in Lithuania, or in the resort town of Jurmala, or exploring the craggy coast of Estonia with its tidy fishermen’s villages, you’ll find true relaxation.
  • for food culture
    Some time ago Baltic states were seen as a meat-and-potatoes kind of place in recent years new generation of chefs are seeking to re-imagine and revolutionize the country’s culinary heritage. Top restaurants create miracles out of the seasonal simplest products growing in people’s backyards. Try regional delicacies, such as locally brewed beer, sea buckthorn products, Lithuanian pink soup, honey made from flowers growing in the region, favorite recipes passed down through generations!
  • for annual festivals
    Travelers who plan their trip around annual festivals create bonus enjoyment for themselves. From film festivals, folklore, medieval, song and dance festivals to outdoor markets, the Baltics celebrate niche interests, local culture and history, and the creativity and talent of its citizens. Often these events are for free.
  • to discover your roots
    Do you have Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian or other regional ancestry—or perhaps Jewish ancestry that can be traced to the region? A visit to the Baltics can teach you so much about your roots, cultural heritage, and family history. You’ll learn about the major events your ancestors lived through and the challenges they faced as members of these societies.
  • for an active holiday
    After being cooped up at home during the pandemic, many travelers will find an active holiday to be an excellent option to restart their sport habits. All 3 countries are great for hiking—national parks have miles of forests, bogs, and waterside trails to traverse. You may also go canoeing, geocaching, cycling or paragliding.
  • for safe solo travel
    Solo travel here is safe and easy! Board a train or bus to get to the most-visited destinations and explore on your own without fear regarding your person or belongings. While it’s always good to be smart and aware while you travel, even in destinations with a low crime rate, in the Baltic states, most people find that they feel comfortable discovering the region on their own. 

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