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Tours - Baltic Way -DMC in the Baltics


The Baltic States have a lot to offer- from unspoiled nature to vibrant cities. The vast diversity of landscape, population and culture makes the Baltic States a good fit for groups and individual travelers .Whether you are looking for holidays or short breaks, walking or cycling tours - Baltic States will impress you.
Choose for your next travel any of the Baltic states packed with historical sights, rich traditions and unspoilt nature.
Surprise your guests with unique venues in UNESCO World Heritage capitals: Baroque Vilnius, Art Nouveau Riga and Medieval Tallinn.

Visit Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival in Vilnius
    Starting on 29 June 2024 to 6th of July 2024 for a whole week Vilnius will be taken over by grandiose festival –the Centenary Lithuanian Song Celebration. The Celebration week will feature the Dance Day, the Ensembles Evening, the Folklore Day, the Song Day and a number of other events. 
    Tens of thousands of singers and dancers will fill the city with the sounds of folk music, creating a unique event on a world scale that has been included in the UNESCO list. We offer you to book our ready-made package and join the festivities.
    Package price from 235 EUR per person
    • 4 x overnights in Vilnius;
    • 4 x buffet breakfast;
    • Transfers from/to Vilnius airport;
    • City tax;
    • Excursion in the Old Town of Vilnius.

    Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in 8 days

    Manors are prominent testimonies of the changing past and genuine witnesses to rich history of the Baltic States. Recently many of them were being brought back to life and opened their doors to visitors.
    We invite you on a tour through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to visit most prominent landmarks, churches and castles.  You will be accommodated in restored historical manors.

    Tour highlights:

    • UNESCO listed Old Towns: baroque Vilnius, Art Nouveau Riga and medieval Tallinn
    • Art Deco interwar modern architecture in Kaunas
    • Medieval Insular Trakai Castle 
    • Barock castles and palaces in Latvia: Rundale and Jelgava Palaces, Bauska Castle, Mezotne Palace, Rumene Manor
    • Medieval Turaida Castle and Gauja National Park 
    • Luxorious villa Ammende in Estonian summer capital Pärnu
    • Palmse and Vihula Manors in Lahemaa National Park
    • Kadriorg Palace and Park in Tallinn

    This tour could be arranged for groups and also individuals as a private guided tour and as Seld-drive Tour.

    Sustainable SELF DRIVE tours in Lithuania

    A Self-Drive Tour in Lithuania is a great way to explore towns, villages and natural wonders at your own pace for those who want to escape busy city life and plunge into the historic past. Upon arrival you will be handed detailed driving route and recommendations, also during whole trip you will be assisted by local team.

    GREAT NEWS- from now on we offer Zero-emission tours also with amazing electric Tesla cars! Charging points are not anymore a problem in Lithuania.

    Tour Castles and manors of Lithuania guides you to best-preserved castles and manors scaterred around whole Lithuania. You also will be accommodated in restored historical manors.
    Fasten your seatbelt and embark on a fantastic 7-day journey through Lithuanian highlights! 

    Tour highlights:

    UNESCO listed Old Town of Vilnius,
    Medieval Insular Trakai Castle,
    Art Deco interwar modern architecture in Kaunas,
    Pažaislis Monastery,
    Raudone Castle,
    Panemune Castle,
    Tiškevičius Palace in Palanga,
    Klaipeda Castle,
    Mykolas Oginskis Manor in Plungė,
    Pakruojis Manor,
    Biržai Castle,
    Bistrampolis Manor,
    Burbiškis Manor.
               Package price from 459 EUR p/p
    6 overnights at hotels abd manors,
    6 buffet breakfasts,
    7 days car rental,
    Travel expert assistance during the trip,
    route maps and itineraries,
    city taxes.

    Travel virtually in the Baltics

    Ever considered visiting the Baltic States?
    Escape on a virtual vacation before booking the real one! Few clicks and you are in the Baltics!

    Join our virtual tours

    GRAND BALTIC TOUR            1,5 hour
    Vilnius – Kaunas- Klaipeda – Vente- Nida- Riga – Tallinn
    What’s included:

    •           Full online experience from the comfort of your home

    •           Flexible timing whenever is comfortable for you

    •           One-shot video enriched with video graphics, digital maps, drone shots and panoramic views

    •           Four local guides on history, culture and cuisine

    •           Four luxurious hotels and gourmet restaurants 

    •           9-day tour in 1,5 hour of online experience

    Vilnius – Hill of Crosses- Rundale- Riga – Tallinn
    What’s included:

    •           Full online experience from the comfort of your home

    •           Flexible timing whenever is comfortable for you

    •           One-shot video enriched with video graphics, digital maps, drone shots and panoramic views

    •           Four local guides on history, culture and cuisine

    •           Three carefully chosen hotels 

    •           One-week travel in 1 hour of online experience

    DELICIOUS RIGA    35 min
    Riga- Jurmala- Riga
    Ever thought about Riga as Gourmet destination?
    This tour is for those who want to enjoy Riga with all their senses, explore authentic locations, and taste this city through traditional and modern cuisine.
    Eat before you start! Or help yourself with proper food while watching (chips don’t count). Otherwise You might get very hungry!
    What’s included:

    •           Full online experience from the comfort of your home

    •           Flexible timing whenever is comfortable for you

    •           One-shot video enriched with video graphics, digital maps, drone shots and panoramic views

    •           Dining experience at five exclusively chosen restaurants with chefs’ introductions

    •           Cherry on a cake: tour of the central market with famous Riga chef

    •           Local guide on history, culture and cuisine

    •           Boutique hotel in the Old town 

    •           Four-day travel in 35 min of online experience

    Classical Baltic Tour

    Explore BALTIC CAPITALS: Vilnius-Riga-Tallinn in 7 days

    This tour is a great introduction to the three Baltic countries. It can be extended to Helsinki or Poland.
    Ample of time to explore each capital and see many wonderful Baltic sights!

    Tour highlights:
    • UNESCO listed Old Towns: baroque Vilnius, Art Nouveau Riga and medieval Tallinn
    • Art Deco interwar modern architecture in Kaunas
    • Pilgrimage site Hill of Crosses
    • White sandy beaches, blue water of the Baltic Sea and pine forests in Jurmala
    • Barock Rundale Palace
    • Medieval Turaida Castle and Gauja National Park
    • Summer capital Pärnu

    Historic Cafes Route in Romania


    The “Historic Cafes Route” offers travelers the opportunity to embark upon an enchanting thematic itinerary, to step back in time, to enjoy the luxury of the Cafes of the golden age, and to become acquainted with the important role they have played in the past and continue to play in the present, in shaping Europe’s cultural history. - DIVERSITY in UNITY.

    We invite you for a city break along the Historic Cafes Route in Transylvania.
    Route SIBIU- AVRIG-BRAN-BRASOV in 4 days.

    You will stay 3 nights at hotel Brukenthal Palace in Avrig and visit moest interesting and important historic sites of Transylvania. Every day you will dine at historic cafes of this region.

    Tour highlights:

    • Medieval towns Sibiu and Brasov
    • Balea Lake in Fagaras Mountains
    • Bran Castle- inspiration for Dracula's Castle
    • Carta Cistercian Monastery 
    • 6 historic cafes

    Package price- 725 EUR per person in double room

    • 3 overnights at Brukenthal Palace in Avrig,
    • 3 buffet breakfasts,
    • English speaking guide for the excursions according the program,
    • Return airport transfers: Brasov airport- hotel- Brasov airport,
    • 1 coffee break,
    • 3 lunches (2-course, 1 glass of wine, water, coffee)
    • 3 dinners (3-course, 1 glass of wine, water, coffee)

    Request itinerary by email info@balticway.lt 

    Discover Latvian flavours

    The best things in life are what come naturally - and that’s no exception when it comes to food. In the vast natural expanse of Latvia, you can find plenty of treats just ripe for picking.However, if berry or mushroom picking isn’t your thing, you can always find plenty of natural goods at one of Latvia’s marketplaces, whether it’s potatoes, pumpkins, apples, cranberries or any other local autumn goodies you can think of.
    Another option is to visit some of Latvia’s countryside restaurants or pubs, which usually offer authentic food as well, albeit in a more “restaurantly” fashion. On the upside, they are open all year long: Spēlmaņu Pub, Jaunpils Castle Pub, Bīriņi Manor Restaurant and Dzirnavu Pub at Bīriņi Manor. On a side note, if you see the marking “Latviešu virtuve” at a restaurant, you can rest assured that they serve food that’s locally sourced and based on Latvian tradition.
    Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without a “fine dining” section! Sure enough, there are plenty of Latvian restaurants which raise traditional Latvian cuisine to a whole different level. The food you will find in these establishments will not only be unique - they will also provide a deeper insight into the bigger picture of what Latvia has to offer in terms of national cuisine. If you’d like to venture outside of Riga, be sure to visit Kest in Cēsis, which combines Latvian flavours with those of the rest of the world, or Pavāru Māja in Līgatne, for example. But, if you’d like to taste the flavours of Latvia in it’s capital, we’d recommend trying out Restaurant 3Entresol or Ferma Restaurant for some truly exquisite food and atmosphere.
    Check Latvian gourmet scene on our Virtual tour DELICIOUS RIGA  

    Let your taste buds go wild!

    Food is the key that opens the door to explore a culture. It is of the best ways to experience a country. 
    Baltic countries have a long history of meat-heavy diets, especially pork, and Lithuania it is no exception. Most of that tradition stems from rural areas where they found creative ways to use the entire animal, as they couldn’t afford to throw anything edible away.
    Unique traditional Lithuanian products:

    • Skilandis, is pig’s stomach filled with pork meat and dried into a sausage.
    • Šakotis, or spitcake is a tall cake, shaped as a tree with different layers and “branches” that come out of the structure, cooked by pouring the batter on a rotating spit over an open fire
    • Varškės sūris- curd cheese may be sweet, sour, seasoned with caraway, fresh, or cured until semi-soft, often eaten plain garnished with berries or honey.
    • Cepelinai, which means ‘Zeppelin’ for their blimp-like shape, kind of dumpling made out of grated potatoes, stuffed with meat and boiled.
    • Šaltibarščiai- cold beetroot soup served with a few boiled potatoes.
    • Kūčiukai -kind of sweets, small baked rolls, which are often accompanied by poppy seed milk, typically served during the Christmas Eve dinner.
    • Kibinai- crescent-shaped pastry packed with mutton meat and baked, originated in Karaite community living in Trakai.
    • Liquor Midus- mead, dates back to the 11th century made from honey gathered from wild bee hives and served as a common table drink.
    • Kvass- naturally fermented beverage made from that black bread with some yeast, sugar and raisins.

    Taste local delicacies on FOOD ON FOOTin Vilnius Old Town
    Join us on the tour with several stops with tastings of typical everyday snacks, homemade products, drinks and sweets starting from Old Town market. Local guide will tell you stories about origins, traditional way of preparation and consuming of the dishes so you really will eat like an Insider.

    Taste legendary Lithuanian cheese Džiugas
    Cheese Džiugas House is a unique place where the tasting takes place. Seasonings offered with cheese: honey, various nuts, grapes, pears, apples, jams, crackers and home made wine.

    Taste local specialties at Riga’s Central Market
    discover Latvian food at the most famous food market in Northern Europe- Riga’s Central Market and tickle your taste buds with local specialties from the Latvian countryside.

    Taste Latvian Black Balsam
    Try an ink-colored herbal liqueur crafted from 24 all-natural ingredients with small performance of the bartender as a magician preparing the famous drink

    Be adventurous!
    Fly Like a Bird at the Aerodium in Sigulda- you can fly like a bird, held up in midair by the wind blowing from below
    Slide at High Speeds in Sigulda- race down the track in a slower rubber bobsled in winter or a faster bobsled on wheels in summer
    Bike though beautiful sceneries- all national parks in the Baltics offer bicyckle tracks
    Ride a Segway in Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn- have an imaginative and informative tour with a tour guide in the old towns cruising round the cobbled streets on Segways
    See Vilnius or Trakai from hot-air-balloon- enjoy bird’s-eye views and peaceful feeling of floating through the air
    Try Off Road Experience- test your driving skills in the wild on 4x4 vehicle with experienced instructors
    Walk on the edge of the roof of the Tallinn TV Tower- 175 m above the ground, up to four people at a time can walk a full circle around the tower
    Try your hand at outdoor go-karting- compete with your colleagues at indoor or outdoor kating tracks
    Travel on electric skateboards- it is an electrically powered skateboard with hand-held accelerator and breaks
    Descend from the sky- try a tandem skydiving with an experienced instructor
    Drive a snowmobile-  move at high speeds over Ice and snow in wintery landscape
    Immerse yourself into local culture and traditions!!

    Theatrical Excursion at Rundale Palace -indulge yourself in the atmosphere of 18thcentury court.
    Private Opera Backstage Tour at Latvian National Opera- guide will lead you through the interior of the building and talk about the life and times of Latvian opera
    Discover 15 talking statues in the heart of Vilnius- modern mobile technique gives a chance to tell their own history to the passersby
    Craftmaking workshops - acquire craft skills such as weaving, knitting, crocheting, braiding, knotting, jewelry making, embroidery, blacksmith and painting
    Bake KIBINAS yourself in Trakai- get acquainted with the baking process of the national dish of Karaite (a small pasty stuffed with minced meat) and the culture, customs and traditions of Karaite minority living in Trakai

    Participate in ŠAKOTIS baking program -exceptional Lithuanian cake that would be hard to make at home since it requires special equipment and a great deal of effort

    Medieval Feast in Trakai  Castle
    Plunge yourself into medieval atmosphere which is created by medieval shows, dances, music and taste unseen medieval dishes at unique 15-th centrury island castle.

    Bishops Dinner at Kuressaare Episcopal Castle- candlelight quiver on the ancient arches of the castle. Food made according to historical recipes is served from archaic dishes and platters, wine is poured from pitchers and drunk from goblets.

    Explore Vilnius Virtually

    Take a virtual tour through the stunning venues and hotels of Vilnius and start planning your future event.

    Have a Tour around Vilnius

    Take a kayak on the Neris River  Vilnius 360° Down the Neris River

    Fascinate yourself with surroundings of Trakai Island Castle

    Explore following Vilnius' museums virtually before you can visit them in reality:

    Join our special tours and activities!

    Tours on Segways
    Fun and informative tour with a tour guide in the Old towns of Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn, cruising round the cobbled streets on Segways. Anyone can ride a Segway, it will take only few minutes to get ready.

    Experience ART NOUVEAU in Riga
    Art Nouveau architecture was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list by virtue of the outstanding quality and quantity of Art Nouveau buildings, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

    Feast your eyes on Curonian Spit 
    Curonian Spit is offering an inspiring views: majestic sand dunes, rising up to 67 metres and, literally, emerging from the blue depths of the sea. The Curonian Lagoon is the perfect place to windsurf and to sail on yachts, catamarans, cutters or on "Kurenas" – old style wooden sailing vessel, number of trails are intended for cycling or hiking. 

    Enjoy a beautiful view over Gauja Valley from Turaida Castle
    Encompassing a diverse range of flora and fauna, Gauja National Park covers over 920 sq. km of near-pristine forested wilderness, bisected by the 425-kilometre Gauja River. It also features cultural monuments– the Turaida Museum Reserve, the medieval old town of the city of Cēsis with its famous castle ruins and St John’s Church and lake castle at Āraiši.

    Enjoy the scenic views of Vilnius from the river Neris
    The ship takes tourists for 1-hour ride in Vilnius from the Bridge of King Mindaugas to Valakampiai and then to the White (Šilo) Bridge

    Go Team
    Challenge your team at interactive high-tech treasure hunt -GPS triggered challenges, photo and video challenges at great locations.

    Romantic cruise on Tallinn Bay with a buffet dinner
    Best way to enjoy a great meal and the wonderful panorama of Tallinn Old Town and its towers. Here, you will learn about the naval history of Tallinn and take a look at the historical coast line and elegant cruise ships in the harbour.

    Women’s Island Day Cruise from Tallinn
    Discover the beautiful island of Naissaar, also known as Women’s Island, on a day cruise from Lennusadam. Rent bikes and peddle along the pristine sandy beaches as you take in the island’s rich history and unspoilt nature.

    Old Harbor Sightseeing tour – Towers of Tallinn 
    Enjoy great views of harbour sights and the Old Town skyline aboard the charming cruiser Katharina.

    Enjoy a day at Lahemaa National Park 
    Discover the dense forest and picturesque coastline of Lahemaa National Park. It is home to the most beautiful manors in Estonia, unique and legendary fishing villages, and some of the most pristine natural landscapes. During the day trip to Lahemaa, visitors explore Jägala waterfall, Viru bog, Oandu beaver trail, Altja fishing village and Sagadi manor. 

    Survive a soviet Drama in the soviet bunker near Vilnius
    Dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities.3 hours of an interactive show with professional actors followed by Soviet style lunch.

    Online experiences at Tallinn's museums and attractions

    Many of Tallinn's museums, theatres, and other attractions have web applications or stream their events online.

    Art, architecture, and literature
    Nature and science
    • See Tallinn from above with Skywheel of Tallinn or virtually wander around the Super Skypark adventure centre and dream about all the fun you will be having once the quarantine is over. 
    Theatre performances and concerts 

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    Culture & Objectives
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    to Each Client
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    & Attention To Detail
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