2019 08 19

The Baltic Way is the largest and most important civic initiative expressing the aspiration of the Baltic States to regain their independence.
Back on 23 August 1989, almost two million people joined hands in the 600 km long Baltic Way across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, showing their unity and solidarity in pursuit of freedom. 20 years on, a collection of documents attesting to this peaceful civil initiative was listed in the UNESCO’s Register of the Memory of the World. 

Let’s celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way together!

23 August 2019

9.00 hrs: All-motor Baltic Way Run kicks off in Vilnius Cathedral Square, organised by Jeep Club Lithuania, which is inviting anyone willing to spread the message about this significant event for all the three Baltic States.

19.00 hrs: Both visitors and locals are welcome at the concert to be held in Vilnius Cathedral to mark the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way. 30 years ago, people got together in Vilnius Cathedral Square at the foot of Gediminas Castle to make the first link in the human chain spanning across the three Baltic States. 

On 23 August 1989, radio served as a herald of freedom mobilizing millions of people to join their hands in the human chain of the Baltic Way. To mark its role in the Baltic Way, the public broadcaster is creating a unique installation built of old radios, which were donated by the people. The items are promised to be given new life on 23 August at the Baltic Way celebration in Vilnius Cathedral Square. 

An interactive installation ‘Feel our Freedom’ dedicated to the Baltic Way will open on 23 August in Gediminas Castle Tower.  The Tower was the point where the human chain started stretching all the way to Tallinn and thereby expressing the desire of the Baltic nations for freedom.

In Klaipeda:
A movable exhibition ‘People from Klaipėda on the Baltic Way’ held in Klaipėda next to the monument Arka. The organiser is the History Museum of Lithuania Minor, which is inviting the inhabitants of the port city, who took part in this extraordinary campaign of the unity, to help make this exhibition happen by sharing their photos capturing those memorable moments.

31 August, 21.00 hrs: The Baltic States will again join in the Ancient Bonfire Night. Symbolic fires of Baltic unity will be lit along the coast of the Baltic Sea in memory of the heroes of the Baltic Way. 

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