Lithuanian Song Celebration starts in June

2024 05 08

The Lithuanian Song Celebration, a historic event held every four years, returns to Vilnius from June 29 to July 6, celebrating its 100th anniversary. This event highlights a week of cultural activities including Dance Day, Ensembles Evening, Folklore Day, and the culminating Song Day. A record-breaking number of participating choir performers, totaling 37,000, along with a choir of 800 children, and around 2,000 international performers from 21 countries will contribute to creating exceptional musical performances.
Keeping this tradition alive through the turbulent times of the 20th century until today, this year's festival showcases traditional Lithuanian song and dance while also marking a century of cultural resilience and national pride. Furthermore, the Song Celebration, recognized by UNESCO, played a crucial role during the massive peaceful movement of the Singing Revolution, aiding Lithuania’s break from Soviet rule and the restoration of the country’s independence. This year, the event also celebrates the recent UNESCO recognition of the traditional straw gardens, a cherished symbol of the festival.

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