Estonia- a real gastronomic adventure

2023 11 12

Estonian cuisine, long overlooked, is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the boldness and creativity of young chefs and restaurateurs. Blending tradition and innovation, these culinary talents are showcasing local specialities and redefining the Estonian dining experience.
Estonian cuisine, steeped in a complex history, reflects the many influences that have left their mark on the country. Fresh, local produce, such as fish, meat and vegetables from the garden, form the basis of this gastronomy.However, the German imprint and the Soviet heritage can also be felt, as a result of the different periods in Estonia's history.
The Estonian capital, Tallinn, is home to a new wave of restaurateurs who are experimenting with and reinventing local specialities. In 2022, the country joined the prestigious Michelin Guide, highlighting the excellence of its gastronomic scene.

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