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Hunting in Lithuania

HHunting is one of the oldest means of communication of a man and nature. It has deep traditions in Lithuania and other Baltic states, it has references in different stories and legends. Hunting rituals used to be grand and long-lasting.

They always used to finish in roaring feasts. Special estates were being established for shooting.


The geographical range, climate, flora, fauna, and also the country’s history make the background for hunting traditions and practices these days as well. Lithuania is rich with natural areas untouched by human. The pinewood forests are home to large populations of deer, wild boar, beaver, lynx, wolf and moose, which can provide many delicious meals for hunters and their families.





Foreign hunters have a right to carry home or send by post all the hunted game, as well as their hunting trophies or other parts without any extra permissions of the Ministry of Environment or any other institutions   subject to it, just by showing a customs office a hunting protocol issued by user of the hunting grounds.We offer exclusive hunting tours to Lithuania and other Baltic states.

Tours are offered for individuals or groups.

Price depends on hunting ground and conditions of accommodation.

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