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Celebration of LITHUANIA’S CENTENARY in Vilnius


Celebration of LITHUANIA’S CENTENARY in Vilnius

From February the 9th to the 18th, the capital’s entire Old Town will travel back a century to 1918. Free sightseeing tours around Vilnius will be held, whereas the most important buildings of the Independence Act period will be marked by special lighting. An ancient publication will be distributed in the city, and everything will culminate in a concert on the Cathedral Square together with a modern unprecedented solution – the Centennial Bell!

A list of events and highlights dedicated for the Restoration of the State of Lithuania planned in Vilnius:

• The festival week (February the 9th to the 18th) involving restaurants, hotels, other public institutions and all those willing to join the celebration.
• Centennial bell in the Cathedral Square.
• Free sightseeing tours inviting everyone to become familiar with the ancient Vilnius.
• 100 symbolic fires on Gediminas Avenue.
• Live installation “The Beard of Basanavičius”.
• Symbolic lighting of the most important buildings of the century.
• Campaign of tri-coloured traffic lights on Gediminas Avenue.
• Aphorisms of signatories on public transport in Vilnius city since January.
• Three-coloured lighting of bridges.
• Ancient Vilnius news publication.
• Performance “Green Live” for children (according to the pre-agreed schedule with schools).
• Concert for the Restoration of the State of Lithuania on the Cathedral Square.
• Patriotic walk of the Lithuanian youth “Along the Road to Statehood” (Cathedral Square – Rasos Cemetery)

Source: Vilnius Tourist Information Centre
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