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Trakai is a historic city and lake resort in Lithuania. It lies 28 km west of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Because of its proximity to Vilnius, Trakai can be proclaimed being one of the most visited spots on the cultural tourism map.

Trakai is a town built on water. The town is surrounded by the lakes of Luka (Bernardinai), Totoriškės, Galvė, Akmena, Gilušis.

The historical capital of ancient Lithuania fascinates with its wooden architecture, medieval castles, and magnificent scenery and at the same time – a modern face of the town.

Island Castle (XIVth -XVth c.) in Trakai is the only castle in Eastern Europe that was built on an island. It is assumed that construction of the Island castle was initiated by Grand Duke Kęstutis at the end of the XIVth century, and was completed in early XVth century by his son - Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas. After the Battle of Grunwald (1410) the castle lost its defence significance and gained the function of princely residence. The history museum in the castle was established in 1962.

Another notable feature of Trakai is that the town was built and preserved by people of different nationalities. Historically, communities of Karaims, Tatars, Lithuanians, Russians, Jews and Poles lived here.

There are also Trakai Historical National Park and Aukštadvaris Regional Park founded in the territory of the region. There are 200 lakes in the region, of which the deepest (46.7 m) is Galvė with its 21 islands. Trakai Historical National Park was founded on April 23, 1991 to preserve Trakai as a centre of Lithuanian statehood as well as the park's authentic nature. It is the only historical national park not only in Lithuania but also throughout Europe.

There are many rental places for boats, the sailing-boats, pontoon boats, canoes, entertainment boats, water bicycles, yachts, big steamer, “water taxi” in  Lake Galvė. You will admire the castle of Trakai, the palace of count Tiškevičius, and the islands of Lake Galvė. You will have a possibility to see the remains of the ancient polar town or the sculptures of the park on the bottom at the lakes of Trakai. Festivals and concerts take place in the island castle in summer.

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